Design and set up your eCRF questionnaires easily and quickly with Arone Studio

Arone Studio is a module integrated to the clinical data collection and management solution Arone EDC. This module is dedicated to the design and configuration of your clinical study follow-up questionnaires (eCRF and ePRO).

Thanks to its ergonomic, intuitive and no-code interface, you can create or modify your eCRFs in complete autonomy and without the need for computer skills.

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Easy, rapid and secure design of your eCRF, ePRO/eCOA

Design a study

You can design configure your eCRF questionnaires with Arone Studio. You will be able to define the number and order of pages, questions, as well as the different logics to implement.

Thanks to the “Studio Mode”, you can see in real time the modifications you make to your eCRF. Its configuration without code allows you to make the modifications on the same interface as the final form and make changes directly on it.

Duplicate a study

You probably have to manage several studies at the same time. Some of them are quite similar to each other. Arone Studio allows you to duplicate your existing eCRFs in order to reuse them in other studies. You will be able to make the necessary modifications according to the protocol established for your new study.

For your next studies, you start from an existing model, thus optimizing your time and resources for the setup of your eCRFs..

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The question configuration for your eCRF

  • Text: free entry of a text. Possibility to control the length of the text (minimum / maximum) and the type of font (upper / lower case)

  • Number: input of a whole or decimal number

  • Yes / no: setting of a closed answer

  • Check box: validation of the statement of a question by a single check box.

  • Date: indication of a date

  • Scale: inclusion of a movable cursor in your eCRF

  • Score: assign a score based on the answer to the question

  • List of choices

A common configuration for all types of questions
for your eCRF / ePRO

Arone Studio gives you access to a wide range of settings to make the configuration you need for your eCRF.
Discover the list of standard features available to create and modify your clinical study questionnaires.

Edit the label of a question and assign it a specific code

The title of the question and the answer possibilities are 100% customizable. The attribution of a specific code to a question allows to use this code for the input constraints or consistency checks.

Set up calculated fields

You can set up automatic calculation fields within your eCRF. Based on the patient’s responses, an automatic calculation can be performed to simplify and optimize clinical data collection. For example, by collecting data about a patient’s height and weight, the BMI calculation can be automated.

Force or not the answer to a question

The obligation to answer the questions of the follow-up form is fully configurable. If a question is mandatory but the investigator does not enter the answer, he will not be able to move on to the next question or validate the questionnaire.

Define when the question is visible / activate question skips

The form adapts itself according to the patient’s answers, thanks to formulas that are included during the questionnaire’s configuration. The questionnaire can therefore be adapted according to the type of response from the patient. For example, during the inclusion visit, if the patient is a woman, questions concerning the number of pregnancies could be asked. These questions would then be masked when the patient is a man.

Set up a pin

Make the answer visible in the patient list to be able to filter patients on this data.

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