Arone IWRS

Ensure patient randomization and treatment management in your clinical trial

Arone IWRS is a solution for the randomization of patient and treatment management in clinical research.

Randomization is the process of randomly assigning study participants to a type of treatment in order to eliminate bias.

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Eliminate bias in your clinical studies thanks to randomization

Arone IWRS integrates several randomization modes:

  • By selecting a treatment arm for a new patient.

  • By using a pre-established list of treatments to deliver them chronologically.

  • By integrating treatment arms balancing algorithms or any other algorithm seeking to regulate the hazard.

  • By managing the different levels of stratification.

  • By allocating treatments according to countries, groups of centres or centres.

Manage your treatment packages from start to finish

Arone IWRS provides end-to-end treatment packs management, including:

  • The follow-up of the treatment packages shipment to the centers.

  • The assignation of a treatment to a patient, the printing of a prescription, the replacing of an altered treatment.

  • The management of replenishments.

  • The management of treatment stocks.

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Ensure patient safety in your clinical studies

Arone IWRS verifies inclusion and exclusion parameters, and will only provide treatment if the patient profile is compliant. If the protocol allows, doses can also be controlled and changed (“escalating doses”).

The software also takes into account expiration dates, management of treatment batches in the event of a batch recall, and the lifting of blind spots.