Slide Download the brochure A complete tool Arone EDC supports clinical research managers in the different phases
of the study and allows the collection, the management, the analysis
and the monitoring of patient data.

ecrf cloud software clinical data entry software Invarture Group

Quick and easy creation of eCRF

Arone eCRF provides a drag-and-drop interface to ensure the creation of eCRFs according to the characteristics and types of responses desired by clinical research specialists.

  • Standard entries : text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down lists, etc.

  • Composite entries : multiple checkboxes, numeric fields, incomplete dates, etc.

  • Fields linked together.

  • Special entries : graphic scale, entry of lesion locations and pain locations.

The monitoring of clinical trial data

All data entered in the eCRF can be controlled in real time and monitored.

ecrf cloud software clinical data entry software

  • Manual queries made by Clinical Research Associates.

  • Status follow-ups for pages or data to be checked, with or without queries and signed pages.

  • Follow-up and response to requests.

  • Management of protocol deviations.

  • Management of SDV reports ( (Source Data Verifications)

Data Management

Arone Data Management allows the control of data collected via eCRF by clinical trial professionals.

  • Programming the controls.

  • Setting of batches (set of controls) and their possible programming for a regular and automatic execution.

  • Review and validation of generated queries before sending to the eCRF.

Reporting and follow-up of studies

Arone EDC includes standard or specific reports that are accessible on the platform or can be sent directly by email.

  • Standard or specific reports.

  • Automatic triggering of report generation following specific events (new patients, randomization, serious adverse event…) or on demand.


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