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My name is Mehdi Bellil, 28 years old, I am the Marketing/Communication Assistant at Arone, and today I’m going to talk to you about how we are trying to highlight the work of our team of super developers to facilitate your clinical studies and manage your patient data.

First of all, you should know that developers work in Agile method. But what effect does that have?
In Agile, the priority of feature development is based on the priorities of our eCRF, ePRO or IWRS users. This means that when the communication team chooses to talk about the work of the Arone EDC developers, they also inherently talk about the current priorities of our users. Of course, these priorities often revolve around monitoring, managing and capturing patient data in clinical studies, especially in our eCRF (or electronic CRF).

Developer planning and topics covered

So, as I was saying, we need to know what are the next features that will be developed, for data management in an electronic CRF for example, in order to be able to communicate them to you. For this we ask Yves Darmaillac who is our technical director. He explains what he’s working on, why, and how this will help our new users manage patient data. And of course, when will it be possible to present these features. That’s when our work begins.

The organization of webinars

Once we know when the feature is available, we try to find the best slot for you to see this feature through a webinar (or webinar replay). We also estimate that it is important to have the views of our partners on specific issues when possible. As in our webinar on ARONE EDC software quality monitoring with the Quality Desk where we called on our partner Qualilab, specialist in quality issues in clinical research.

Once the date is set, we send you our communications so that you have time to register (do it quickly, the number of participants is limited!). These communications are done both by email and on the Linkedin of Arone where we create an event. We usually do webinars every 2 months to give developers time to create their features.

The #in3clicks videos

To make it easier for you to understand these new features, the communication team makes very short videos on a data entry or simple manipulations available to everyone that we share with you on Linkedin (Yes! the marketing team also masters Arone EDC!). For example, the easy export of data collected in a clinical study takes only 45 seconds. Besides, do not hesitate to visit our site to see these videos, they are very short.

Your questions

Generally, following the webinars we have many questions that come to us. Some of them concern the use of the Arone EDC software and its eCRF, others its implementation in a clinical study or the time it takes to set up the eCRF for example (less than 3 days for those who asked for it!). All these questions are forwarded to our sales manager, Anicet Lipobo, who will be happy to ask our team of developers and our partners for the most suitable answer to your request.

When we have a lot of recurring questions (The difference between an electronic CRF and an eCRF? What are the steps for completing a clinical research survey? How does the patient give consent for the use of their data?), we put all these questions together and try to answer it with a more comprehensive article so that everybody can find a detailed answer.

I hope now that you will also see how great and reactive our team of developers is!

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