[Evénement] The Arone team was present at the ACDM 2022 conference, the must-attend event for clinical research in Europe!

We were present from March 13 to 15, 2022 at the ACDM22 Conference at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Edinburgh.

The ACDM22 conference is an event organized by the Association for Clinical Data Management (ACDM) which has been bringing together the international clinical research community for over 30 years.

ACDM22 offers a comprehensive two-day program with expert speakers, panels, workshops and discussions that will focus on current topics in the field of clinical data management.

Our demonstration hour

We also hosted a demonstration of our Arone EDC solution.

Building the next generation of eCRF, ePRO / eCOA software using Arone EDC

Learn how the use of the new technology provided by Arone EDC enables faster implementation of modern platforms for clinical data collection in your clinical trials.

These platforms, known as eCRFs or ePROs, allow patient data to be collected and managed directly in a secure cloud environment.

Our Arone EDC platform is available on any desktop or mobile device, and can be used with or without an internet connection, allowing patient data to be collected anywhere and at anytime. You can also quickly and easily create or modify your clinical study follow-up questionnaires in an intuitive and no-code interface using our natively integrated form builder Arone Studio.

In addition to ensuring better data quality, they also allow clinical research professionals to consult and monitor data in real time within the study database.

Download the présentation

If you missed our presentation, you can download its content for free. For this, we invite you to fill out the access form below.