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A complete software suite
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clinical study software

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clinical research software clinical study software

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clinical study software

A personalized approach

With over 20 years of experience in both software edition and clinical research sectors, Arone provides clinical research organizations with a complete suite of tools for patient data entry and management.

Our solutions are turnkey and our team provides you with personalized support for the proper conduct of your projects and studies.

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You are interested in our solutions Arone eCRF or Arone ePRO? You would like to get a quick quotation for information purposes?

We invite you to take only 2 minutes to fill in this form and indicate the different specificities of your study. We will send you a first estimate within 48 hours.

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clinical trial software

They trust us

We adapt ourselves to the language and the different characteristics of our clients to guide them in the management of their studies. Several dozens of studies have already been carried out by Arone in France but also internationally, in different therapeutic fields: oncology, dermatology, parkinson, HIV, transplantation…