High performance at your fingertips

ARONE offers its customers high-performance virtual server hosting services and plenty of disk space. All of ARONE's applications are hosted on virtual servers for optimal availability and faster deployment.

A real-time monitoring system provides proactive processing of errors and technical and environmental anomalies (temperature, humidity, flooding, etc.).

Hosting eCRF and IWRS applications

ARONE hosts and manages practically all the eCRFs and IWRS it develops for its customers. Although this is by no means mandatory, our customers often opt for this possibility as it means they no longer have the headaches of maintaining server hardware and availability.

Backup and DRP

Backing up our servers and our hosted data is an absolute priority. Each server is backed up regularly by different methods (data export, backup files, snapshots of virtual servers) onto different systems (tape, SAN, external server).

Our DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) covers all possible risks and means that operations are resumed with very little down time and no data loss.

Application hosting

ARONE also hosts customer applications that require special management. For instance, as a direct result of the wealth of its experience with the pharmaceutical industry, ARONE has set up a quality system that guarantees data security in compliance with regulatory obligations and logs all events in the hosted application's lifecycle.

The advantages of virtualization

Server virtualization guarantees high application availability thanks to faster server deployment and above all faster redeployment.

Virtualization has no negative effects on performance; it means that applications are arranged logically either by environment or by customer.