eCRF design

Controlling the development cycle

ARONE believes in

  • Projection Designer
  • Annotated CRF

validation, and devotes a great deal of effort to validating each and every project and study. This validation means that the development cycle is fully controlled from initial software design to it entering production. Likewise for each study, the aim is to exert end-to-end control right through from the initial requirements (which include the CRF, validation controls, management rules, etc.) to project production and follow-up (system maintenance). This validation includes a number of tests.

ARONE has adopted GAMP 5 methodology and complies with the steps it involves.

Regulatory compliance

Software validation is a regulatory requirement. It provides proof that sufficient resources have been deployed to guarantee validated system reliability and the security of the data generated.

The many documents generated by the validation may be:

  • consulted or audited by our customers,
  • delivered to our customers,
  • stored by ARONE throughout project lifecycle.

Quality = Customer satisfaction

Our commitment to developing and delivering high-quality products has culminated in today's Projection® application suite that is recognized by customers and end users for its reliability and powerful capabilities.