Specific developments

Specific applications

If you are looking to set up a data management system, give us a call. ARONE will provide the expertise you need.

We will work out the specifications with you, provide you with a quote, and on your green light drive the project to a successful conclusion.

If you have a specific project in mind, we may be able to use one or more of our software packages, or maybe part of a package.

Experts in .Net & RDBMS

ARONE has acquired a wealth of experience in developing applications in Microsoft dot.Net framework. All our software is constructed in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. We have also developed a library of technical and business objects that facilitates application development, and boosts performance and harmonization.

Our vast experience with relational databases such as ORACLE, SQL Server and mySQL means we can provide the solution you need.

Development of an application to convert clinical data to E2B format

Customer: BIOPROJET Pharma

Aim: Load reports of clinical trial adverse events into the pharmacovigilance database.

Solution: We developed an application that converts data from the clinical database into E2B format (standard XML format). Files in this format can be loaded indifferently into pharmacovigilance databases and into the Eudravigilance database via EVWEB.

Technical platform: .Net, XML

Development of the www.ovaire-rare.org website

Customer: ARCAGY

Aim: Design and manage a website for the general public and for physicians providing information on rare ovary tumors and a case registration and follow-up system. Promote diagnostic confirmation services by expert committee reviewing histology slides.

Solution: Projection® eCRF-based development of

  • a "Front office" website providing information.
  • a "Middle-office" for authenticated physicians to report cases of patients with rare tumors and request expert committee meetings and diagnostic reviews.
  • a "Back-office" for case management by expert committee meeting attendees and anatomic pathologists.

Address: http://www.ovaire-rare.org

Technical platform: Projection® eCRF, .Net, ORACLE.