Projection® Datamanagement

Check data in Projection® EDC

Projection® Datamanagement is dedicated for Projection® EDC and permits to control quality of data collected by automated checks.

Projection® Datamanagement ensure a full quality process for development of controls and for queries application.


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Module applied on the eCRF for a German study (US sponsor). Datamanamgemnt company BIOSKIN.

Module applied on the eCRF for ENTEROME NASHVILLE2 study (international study). Datamanamgemnt company SYLIA-STAT.

IBBL buy the Projection® Datamanagement for many studies managed with Projection® EDC.

Regulatory compliance

Projection® Datamanagement is fully compliant with 21CFR Part 11. All data transmissions are encrypted through an SSL connection and all actions are tracked in the audit trail..

All the modules in the Projection® System have been fully validated.

Technical requirements

Projection® Datamanagement is supported by Windows and Mac OS and runs smoothly on the most popular web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.