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Our new address is:

4 rue Leroux

The phone number has changed also: +33 (0) 1 49 77 23 30

As your ideal IT partner with specialist in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, ARONE is acutely aware of the challenges of clinical research, both in terms of patient safety and the investment necessary to make clinical trials a success.

To help its customers, ARONE has developed a range of IT solutions to optimize the collection and analysis of patient data.

eCRF: Web-based data capture solution combining high performance, reliability and a user-friendly interface. A ready-to-go solution: "you give us your paper CRF, we give you a finalized, validated, ready-to-go interface that exactly matches your needs"..
IWRS: Interactive Web Randomization System. This allocates each patient a treatment number in the strictest possible compliance with full traceability.
It can also be used to monitor recruitment and manage investigating center stocks and clinical trial supplies.
METABASE: Clinical studies data consolidation solution.
This is used for transversal clinical data searches, to generate multi-study reports, and detect safety issues in a larger group of patients.
EPRO: Electronic Patient Reported Outcome solution.
Powerful smartphone or tablet solution based on Andro´d devices. Select Projection® EPRO for any kind of medical questionaires: patient diaries, survey...



The Projection® system is developed using up-to-date technologies as internet technologies, Ajax, XML, web services.

We are working on development for mobile devices to offer in a very short time the possibility to use Andro´d and IOS devices for conducting your study.


With our CRO partners we can provide a full service (monitoring, datamanagement, medical writting, quality insurance, audits, ...).

Recent Press Release

ARONE has been quoted in ICT Nation Luxembourg.

Mrs Catherine LARUE (Chief Executive Officer of IBBL) and Mr Michel LABORDE (Chief Information Officer of IBBL) were interviewed...

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